2 Energy Saving Solutions to Stay Warm...
Yet Savvy, This Winter

by Harriet Hills

Avoiding eye contact with the thermostat? Finding ways to better insulate your workplace?

The above may get you so far this Winter, but nothing beats the comfort of central heating.  Which we have all grown so accustomed to in modern life.

We are here to tell you that you don’t need to take drastic measures to stay warm this Winter. Instead… adopt smart technology that will improve the efficiency of your existing heating appliances.

It is near on impossible to avoid the rising bills in the current economy but there are ways to reduce them and make them more affordable.

Within our suite of energy saving products, we offer two solutions that work specifically for gas and heating.

1) Tutum Gas Fuel Optimiser

The Gas Fuel Optimiser saves money and reduces emissions by increasing the combustion efficiency of the fossil fuels (such as propane and natural gas) that power furnaces, water heaters and other appliances such as boilers, plant, equipment, engines and water heaters. All of which are essential within most buildings.


More efficient combustion means the gas burns hotter and cleaner; this means your appliances don’t have to work as hard to provide heat, and when they don’t work as hard, they require less maintenance.

2) M2G Intelligent Boiler Load Optimisation

The M2G is an advanced intelligent boiler load optimisation controller that works to optimise the efficiency of boilers.

It is suitable for low-temperature hot water boilers, fired with high/low forced draught burners, single stage, two stage and most modulating burners, with gas and oil firing applications.


  • The device works to ensure the boiler does not fire unnecessarily for light load conditions or conditions of standing losses from the boiler.
  • Instant, visible energy and carbon reductions are delivered real time.
  • Typical savings between 10-25%.

Watch this 5 minute video to further understand how it works.

“M2G is a key component in the group’s energy efficiency strategy and the installation of M2G units throughout our UK fleet of buildings played a major role in helping the bank deliver on its commitment to reducing its energy consumption and harmful carbon emissions, M2G delivered.”
Group Energy Manager
RBS Group

Cash flow shouldn’t impact your opportunity to save energy and money


We understand the pressure businesses are under with the rising cost of living. Affording new technology is likely considered a low priority right now.

To resolve this, we have partnered with Portman Finance to help energy-savvy customers start saving, without any upfront cost so they can split the cost of the products over time.

You will start saving on your gas and heating bills with either one of our above products immediately and benefit from a return on your investment within a matter of months.


Our team are here to support you and answer any questions you may have regarding our products or services.

We invite you to contact us via email on enquiries@tutum.energy

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