Tutum Energy, helping to save energy and reduce costs with COOLNOMIX

The cost-of-living: a buzzword for 2022. As inflation soars, so do energy prices and not only are the public left to suffer, but businesses also feel the impact. Brainbox AI reported that “HVAC systems are responsible for almost 50% of buildings’ energy consumption, 35% of which is usually wasted”. With unpredictable heat waves abounding, solutions to this problem are vital for companies struggling with rising prices. Tutum Energy provides a solution with COOLNOMIX. COOLNOMIX is a technology that connects to air-conditioning or refrigeration systems to improve efficiency and reduce run times, therefore capping the electricity used. It is easily connected to existing devices and works in humid environments, preventing drips and icing.

According to the House of Commons Library, there was a 54% increase in domestic energy bills translating to industry directly, which by default will see a further spike in prices. After securing exclusive distribution rights in Spain, Ireland and certain sectors in the UK, Kevin Gray, the CEO of Tutum Energy, advised that “20% of the CO2 produced by a building is caused by air-conditioning and refrigeration. COOLNOMIX works to improve their efficiency and reduce energy consumption by up to 40% – this results in huge savings for businesses in a time of such economic uncertainty”. Alongside rising energy bills, this is a call to action for companies.

COOLNOMIX provides a no-fuss alternative for businesses trying to save money and lower their carbon footprint. There is a quick turnaround on investment as well, in some cases below 12 months on the capital put into purchasing the equipment. Further proof of success is in the businesses already benefiting from COOLNOMIX, which includes Coca-Cola and Microsoft. Tutum Energy is responsible for the recent uptake in hospitals and universities, where energy expenditure is high, but budgets are low. COOLNOMIX has been well received as a green initiative that cuts costs on their bills.

CEO Kevin Gray is fully committed to helping businesses save money on a broader scale.

Attested to in his following statement, “Saving money through energy-saving technology is one of the easiest ways we can achieve this on a mass scale, and we are urging everyone to consider the benefits of COOLNOMIX.”

COOLNOMIX is headed for a global takeover, especially as Tutum Energy is offering a 30-day free trial period on its innovative technology. If your business qualifies, you can witness the savings first-hand on a try-before-you-buy scheme.

To learn more about the COOLNOMOX takeover and how Tutum Energy is revolutionising the energy market in an uncertain economy, then visit their website or book a free 1-1 demo call here.

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