Voltage optimisation is a relatively new technology that allows businesses to reduce their energy consumption and cut down on their electricity bills. By leveraging Tutum Energy’s optimiser technology, businesses can benefit from a range of cost savings as well as environmental benefits. This newsletter will explore how voltage optimisation works, the potential savings it generates and some real-life examples of companies that have made use of this technology. 

How Does It Work? 

Voltage optimisation works by reducing the incoming voltage that comes in from the grid. This helps to reduce energy consumption by making sure that electrical devices are only using the amount of power they need to run efficiently. To determine how much you could save with voltage optimisation, you first need to analyse your half-hourly meter consumption data. This data will provide insight into how much energy your business consumes at different times of day, which can then be used to calculate the savings you’ll make when you install an optimised system. 

Shockingly Good Returns Every Day 

If you’re wondering whether investing in voltage optimisation is worth it, just take a look at some of the real-world examples of companies that have already seen great returns on their investment.

One manufacturing company reported annual savings of £42,929.00, Carbon reductions of 253.27 Tonnes of Co2 and the upgrade paid for itself in just 10 Months!

A restaurant chain installed voltage optimisation across 200 sites and reported annual savings of £935,240.00 and Carbon savings of 5,379 Tonnes of Co2. Payback time was only 1.8 Years.

Investing in voltage optimisation is a great way for any business looking to cut down on its electricity costs and improve its environmental performance. Not only does this technology reduce energy consumption but it also provides businesses with access to powerful data insights that can help them identify further ways to save money and become more efficient. So if you’re looking for ways to unlock additional savings for your business, then make sure you consider investing in these innovative technologies today!

Tutum Energy’s Voltage Optimisation technology is an ideal solution for businesses that want to become more energy efficient and cost-friendly. This system requires no maintenance and comes in two different versions to suit individual business needs – making it a versatile product for any business. Whether you are a small coral shop or a large-scale hotel chain, Voltage Optimisation technology can provide benefits right away – all at a low cost of entry. Installation is quick and easy meaning businesses do not have to invest time and money into more extensive renovations. In addition, businesses may even be eligible to receive financial incentives in certain regions when using this type of technology. With immediate savings and convenience, there’s no reason not to make the switch to Tutum Energy’s Voltage Optimisation!

Electricity demand surges with the rush of everyday life. With voltage optimisation provided by our amazing product, you can take control and guide your daily electricity consumption to greener and more efficient levels, leading to a cost-effective solution that cuts out unnecessary wastage. Not only does this bring savings on your electricity bills every day, but it also contributes positively to the environment by reducing emissions— all while saving you money. Get ready to experience savings on your electricity like never before!