In the business

of sustainability

Tutum Energy, a prominent figure in the realm of sustainability, is renowned for its provision of expertise and advanced technology specifically designed for sustainability evaluation and reporting, energy management, energy efficiency, and adherence to sustainability reporting standards. Our primary focus is on the development and implementation of sophisticated reporting and monitoring software solutions that are in line with domestic and international standards helping our clients achieve regulatory compliance. These standards include the ISO Standard 14068, which pertains to greenhouse gas management, and the ISO Standard 50001, which is concerned with energy management systems.

Reporting, audit and control systems

We are committed to maintaining high standards of quality and integrity in our sustainability reporting. This commitment is evident in our adherence to the BS EN 16247 – 2:2022 standard, which is a recognised benchmark for energy audits. Our operations are meticulously aligned with regulatory frameworks for ESOS compliance, streamlined SECR, and CSRD. This alignment enables us to assist our clients in not just meeting, but exceeding the stipulated requirements, thereby promoting transparency and sustainability in their operations and identifying energy saving opportunities.

Energy & carbon reduction technologies

Tutum Energy is a dedicated provider of cutting-edge technologies that have been meticulously designed with the primary aim of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and operational expenses. By offering such solutions, we are actively supporting our valued clients in their pursuit of achieving their environmental sustainability goals. This, in turn, ensures their long-term business success. Our unwavering dedication to this cause serves as a testament to our deep-seated commitment to fostering a sustainable future for all, a future where every business thrives without compromising the environment.

Water audit and charge recovery services

We work with UK’s top water cost reduction experts, with over 25 years of experience in auditing and negotiating with all UK water and sewerage companies for various public and private sector organisations. We’ve recovered and eliminated overcharges for our clients worth millions of pounds. Our skilled team includes ex-water company staff, licensed leak technicians, billing analysts, site surveyors, trade effluent officers, and drainage assessors, enabling us to achieve refunds and remove charges where others have failed.

Kevin Gray - Chief Executive Officer

Douglas Olofson - Director of Operations

Meet the team

Our experienced team is here to help your company from the start of your journey all the way through to implementation and beyond.

Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions in the energy and carbon reporting sector. Our consultants have ISO 14064-1 & 2 qualifications in GHG emissions and various other skills to make sure you are in good hands moving forward. Get in touch today for a no obligation consultation.

Ryan Bisset - Head Consultant

Lee Gardener - Head of Business Development

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

  • Initial Meeting
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Solution Proposal

Phase 2: Planning and Design

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Technical Assessment
  • Customisation and Configuration Plan

Phase 3: Implementation

  • Software Installation
  • Hardware Integration
  • Data Integration and Testing

Phase 4: Training and Documentation

  • User Training
  • Documentation

Phase 5: Launch and Support

  • Go-Live
  • Post-Implementation Support

Phase 6: Reporting and Optimisation

  • Initial Reporting
  • Review and Feedback
  • Continuous Improvement

A few words from our clients

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