M2G Intelligent Boiler Load

Introducing the M2G, the revolutionary advanced intelligent boiler load optimisation controller that will take your boiler’s efficiency to new heights! This incredible device is specifically designed to optimise the efficiency of each boiler, ensuring that you get the most out of your heating system.

Compatible with low-temperature hot water boilers, the M2G works seamlessly with high/low forced draught burners, single stage, two stage, and most modulating burners, making it the perfect addition to any boiler setup.

And the best part?

The M2G covers a wide range of fuel sources, including gas and oil firing applications! Say goodbye to inefficient atmospheric boilers and hello to the future of boiler load optimisation with the M2G!

Main Features of M2G

  • Instant, visible energy and carbon reductions are delivered real time.
  • View individual boilers, buildings or worldwide estates to facilitate a unique level of carbon management.
  • Additionally, plant forensic analytics allows partnership to further accelerate delivery to your ESG ambitions.
  • Typical savings between 10-25%


The revolutionary M2G technology is transforming the way we maximise boiler efficiency and save energy. 

By measuring the boiler system demand or load using two digital temperature sensors on the flow and return pipe work, the M2G’s adaptive algorithms expertly analyze the boiler load profile, optimizing the burner firing cycle based on the temperature gradient over time.

This innovative approach ensures that the boiler does not fire unnecessarily during light load conditions or in response to standing losses from the boiler.

As a result, the M2G consistently delivers outstanding energy savings while maximizing boiler efficiency at all times, making it an essential component in any eco-friendly and cost-effective heating system.



“M2G is a key component in the group’s energy efficiency strategy and the installation of M2G units throughout our UK fleet of buildings played a major role in helping the bank deliver on its commitment to reducing its energy consumption and harmful carbon emissions, M2G delivered.”

Group Energy Manager, RBS Group

Coolnomix user

“Credit where it’s due, we installed these devices on most of our boilers and they have contributed to us exceeding our target for 2020. It really is a “no brainer” to invest in reducing your gas consumption which releases opex for cost improvement and improve the environment around you by reducing your carbon emissions as well.”

Energy & Sustainability Officer, Mike Blades