About Us

About Tutum Energy

At Tutum Energy, our core mission is to reduce the energy consumption of businesses and households on an industrial scale.

What we do

With our cutting-edge technologies, we’re giving people the power to significantly reduce their own energy consumption.


Why should you pay for more energy when there are solutions available that guarantee to reduce your consumption? On both your energy bills and carbon emissions.

We have exclusive distribution rights for certain products in UK regions as well as Ireland and Spain. Our proven success of supplying these products to big brands include the likes of Coca Cola and the Restaurant Group as well as our ongoing support for governing bodies and hospitals in meeting their net zero initiatives.
All have benefitted from huge savings when employing our tried and tested, suite of innovative products.

Data-driven approach

In business, we require data to make informed decisions. The results we have achieved speak for themselves which is why as a company we are so keen to share these benefits and help more people to save.

The Team

Our experienced team have been working in the sustainability sector since solar energy first launched on the market. During this time, we have watched the evolution of technology and acquired the most innovative products that evidently can make the most impactful difference. This includes improving the efficiency of appliances in the household and commercial environments – including air-conditioning, refrigeration, voltage supply, gas and heating. Ultimately, our success is only achieved by what we can save our clients.

How we work

If you are interested in learning more about how YOU can save energy, we advise booking in for a 30 minute, non-obligation discovery call with one of our experts. 
After learning more about you and your unique environment we can recommend products that are most suitable and provide an energy savings report that shows clear projections of what you can save annually.   


Our Partners

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