Coolnomix Case Studies

Each business we have worked with varies in size and energy consumption, which is why every outcome is unique. 

However, we can promise you will see reductions of up to 40% which generates huge savings on an annual basis. By implementing our cutting-edge coolnomix technology, businesses are not only able to achieve significant energy savings but also contribute to the global effort in reducing greenhouse gases. 

This innovative approach has proven successful for a diverse range of industries and organizations, from small local enterprises to large multinational corporations. We take pride in sharing the success stories of the numerous companies that have partnered with us on their journey towards net zero emissions. 

Each client’s experience showcases the adaptability and effectiveness of our coolnomix solutions in addressing their unique energy consumption patterns and requirements. As a result, these organizations have not only managed to reduce overhead costs but also significantly reduced their carbon footprint. 

In addition to providing measurable energy saving benefits, our tailored strategies and solutions are designed to align with each company’s long-term sustainability goals. This ensures that our clients are well-positioned to thrive in an increasingly competitive and environmentally-conscious business landscape. 

The integration of coolnomix technology has not only led to immediate financial benefits but has also laid a solid foundation for future growth and resilience. Explore the different companies we have worked with who are well on their way to net zero.

Case Studies at a Glance

Coolnomix at Greenwich University Campuses for a 23% Decrease in Energy Usage Following a successful trial, 

Greenwich University is incorporating 124 Coolnomix energy-saving devices throughout their air conditioning (AC) systems across three campuses: Medway, Avery Hill & Bathway, and Greenwich. Coolnomix is an internationally patented, groundbreaking, retrofit energy-reduction apparatus that cuts energy consumption and CO2 emissions without impacting the performance or output of the AC units. These devices are expected to lower energy usage by an estimated 23%, saving the University more than 315,000 kWh in excess electricity costs. Moreover, Coolnomix will help reduce over 85 tonnes of CO2 by decreasing emissions at each campus location. 

On a daily basis, each Coolnomix device will cut energy use by approximately 3 kWh! This technology is projected to yield returns within a 12-18 month timeframe.

The energy efficiency of every AC and refrigeration system within the NHS is being enhanced by Coolnomix technology. Over 25% of a hospital’s carbon emissions come from air conditioning and refrigeration. Our unique, worldwide patented, energy-saving technology is making a significant impact in addressing AC and refrigeration emissions within the larger global context. Coolnomix devices were implemented at Broomfield, North Tees, Hull, and North Devon NHS hospitals. To accurately gauge the kWh usage of these systems, smart meters were attached to each external condenser for both air conditioning and refrigeration units. At the four NHS pilot locations, Coolnomix is achieving an average energy consumption reduction of 22%, resulting in an impressive £407 per unit in yearly financial savings. Each Coolnomix device saves the NHS an average of 1162kWh annually, contributing to a CO2 reduction of 326kg per unit.

TRG manages a diverse array of well-known brands, each possessing their distinct and unique offerings, all centered around exceptional hospitality.

Restaurant Group PLC

In order to enhance the eco-friendliness of their restaurant group, TRG has implemented the Coolnomix technology to decrease kWh usage in their walk-in coolers at their dining establishments. On average, Coolnomix has effectively lowered kWh usage by approximately 4kWh daily, resulting in a yearly reduction of energy consumption by nearly 30%. By utilizing just one Coolnomix AR-01 intelligent refrigerator thermostat, TRG is saving more than 1460 kWh each year and decreasing CO2 emissions by 730 kg. 

This technological investment is expected to yield a return within a comfortable two-year period. As electricity costs continue to climb, investing in Coolnomix proves to be a wise financial and sustainable decision.

In-depth Coolnomix Case Studies