COOLNOMIX Money Back Guarantee

Coolnomix is supplied and installed, supported by a 10 year Emissis equipment warranty, that confirms the equipment
supplied will continue to deliver the kWh reduction guaranteed and will operate efficiently for a minimum of 10 years
from the date of installation.It is further guaranteed that if Coolnomix affects the operational performance of any air
conditioning or refrigeration unit it is installed upon that the cost of the repair of that unit or the cost of a replacement
unit will be reimbursed by Emissis and any of their accredited partners & resellers.
Emissis guarantee that the Coolnomix energy saving unit will continue to deliver the kWh reduction specified in your
energy reduction & savings report. After a full site survey the savings report will confirm a minimum blended (all unit)
reduced kWh figure across the air conditioning and/or refrigeration estate/unit that Coolnomix is suitable to be installed upon.

Post site survey, Emissis guarantee to reduce kWh consumption in any 12 month period by a minimum percentage (dependant on site survey results) across all units installed across the estate. If you are not achieving the confirmed percentage saving in kWh consumption, confirmed post site survey, Emissis will guarantee a one off payment every 12 months to cover any shortfall. We further guarantee that if Coolnomix has not paid for itself (including the cost of installation) within 3 years from installation we will reimburse you in full and let you keep the Coolnomix energy saving unit for free.

For accurate data and kWh reduction comparisons to be made consideration needs to be allowed for any reduced air
conditioning and/or refrigeration operational run times that will affect the savings capacity of Coolnomix Each unit
that Coolnomix is operational upon must also be maintained in line with the condition of the unit surveyed.
Emissis, or their accredited partners, cannot be held responsible for a reduction in kWh savings v forecast, if the
operational run times are reduced or the equipment is not maintained in line with the condition at survey or in line
with the manufacturers warranty.

To date, Emissis or any of our partners, have not been asked to reimburse any client who has installed the Coolnomix
energy saver across their estate. Emissis can offer supportive case studies, referrals and data from hundreds of clients
who are reducing kWh consumption and saving C02 by installing Coolnomix across their air conditioning and
refrigeration estates