Gas Fuel Optimiser

Gas Fuel Optimiser

Reduces Carbon Use and Cost

The Gas Fuel Optimiser is a proven way to reduce Industrial, Commercial and Residential Fuel Costs.

Our Gas fuel Optimisers save money and reduces emissions by increasing the combustion efficiency of the fossil fuels (such as propane and natural gas) that power our home furnaces, water heaters and other household appliances such as boilers, plant, equipment, engines and water heaters.

More efficient combustion means the gas burns hotter and cleaner; this means your appliances don’t have to work as hard to provide heat, and when they don’t work as hard they require less maintenance.

Gas Fuel Optimiser Energy Saving Technology

All fossil fuels contain Hydrogen in two distinct forms: Ortho and Para-Hydrogen in a 3:1 ratio. Ortho- Hydrogen associates more freely with Oxygen and is therefore more combustible. Our Fuel Optimiser Clamp system targets the Para-Hydrogen and converts them into Ortho- Hydrogen molecules, thus allowing a more efficient combustion. This hotter burning of the fuel saves energy and costs and reduce CO emissions into the environment.


It distributes Fuel Optimiser for all markets including commercial / industrial / public. We have a unique approach to reducing emissions from carbon based fuels by focussing on the fuels before consumed. This not only significantly reduces emissions from the consumed fuels but also increases the efficiency and economy of these resources.
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Cleaner Environment
  • Energy Cost Savings
  • Easy to Install
  • Non-Invasive Product
  • Lower Carbon + Emissions

Main features

  • Pre-Designed system specific Clamps (Gas fuel Optimiser) which are guaranteed to to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency by a minimum of 7.8% on even the most inefficient systems by continually re-organising the molecular structure of the fuel in the immediate supply fuel pipework.
  • Average results achieved are around 13.1% improvement, this improvement can be over 20% in some installations.
  • Non-Invasive Installation, no system break ins or disruption to any supply services. Safe and straightforward installation.
  • Standard or Bespoke Product, choice available dependent on survey.
  • 10 Year Guarantee on all installations.
  • A low cost, resilient solution.
  • ROI 1 – 3 years payback. Usually less than 18 months.

Main benefits

Fossil fuels, which include natural gas, propane and oil, are used to produce roughly 85 percent of all of the energy we consume. However, they are non-renewable resources that produce 21.3 billion tons of emissions a year. Nearly half of that cannot be absorbed by nature therefore this now becomes one of the leading cause of global warming.

Despite all of the renewed talk of helping the environment and stopping the Earth’s temperature from rising further, the Fuel Optimiser improves the combustion of fossil fuels for commercial and residential systems and appliances.

Our empirical data collected from many installations has delivered these results:

  • 80-90% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions
  • 60-80% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions
  • 20% reduction in nitrogen oxide
  • 10-27% reduction in fuel usage




Reduced by 68%

Carbon Monoxide

Reduced by 52%

Nitrous Oxide

Reduced by 11%


Reduced by 14%



Reduced by 72%

Reduced by 78%

Reduced by 58%

Reduced by 63%

Reduced by 16%

Reduced by 14%

Reduced by 18%

Reduced by 21%

Apartment Block


Reduced by 74%

Reduced by 76%

Reduced by 67%

Reduced by 65%

Reduced by 18%

Reduced by 17%

Reduced by 19%

Reduced by 20%

How Does It Work?

Examples of Flame Before and After and Installation of the Emissis Gas Fuel Optimiser:

The left image was taken before we fitted the Gas Fuel Optimisers to the Gas pipe. The right image identifies the effect that applying the Gas Fuel Optimisers has to the efficiency of the plant.

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