Gas Fuel Optimiser - Reduces Carbon Use and Costs

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your industrial, commercial, or residential fuel costs, then you need to check out the Gas Fuel Optimiser. This innovative device is designed to increase the combustion efficiency of fossil fuels like propane and natural gas. By doing so, it not only saves you money on your gas bills, but also reduces emissions, making it a win-win solution for both your pocket and the environment.

With Gas Fuel Optimisers, you can expect significant gas savings without compromising on the performance of your appliances. The device works by improving the combustion process, resulting in hotter and cleaner burning fuel. This means that your appliances don’t have to work as hard to provide heat, which in turn reduces the amount of fuel they need to consume. This translates into immediate cost savings on your gas bills, allowing you to channel your hard-earned money into other important areas of your life.

Gas Fuel Optimiser Energy Saving Technology

In addition to the financial savings, the Gas Fuel Optimiser also offers other benefits. By reducing the workload of your appliances, it means they require less maintenance and will last longer. This means fewer repairs, replacements, and downtime, which can be a significant expense for many households and businesses. Furthermore, the increased combustion efficiency also results in reduced emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

How Does It Work?

Examples of Flame Before and After and Installation of the Emissis Gas Fuel Optimiser:

Gas Fuel Optimiser

The left image was taken before we fitted the Gas Fuel Optimisers to the Gas pipe.
The right image identifies the effect that applying the Gas Fuel Optimisers has to the efficiency of the plant.

Main features

  • Pre-Designed system specific Clamps (Gas fuel Optimiser) which are guaranteed to to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency by a minimum of 7.8% on even the most inefficient systems by continually re-organising the molecular structure of the fuel in the immediate supply fuel pipework.
  • Average results achieved are around 13.1% improvement, this improvement can be over 20% in some installations.
  • Non-Invasive Installation, no system break ins or disruption to any supply services. Safe and straightforward installation.
  • Standard or Bespoke Product, choice available dependent on survey.
  • 10 Year Guarantee on all installations.
  • A low cost, resilient solution.
  • ROI 1 – 3 years payback. Usually less than 18 months.

Gas Fuel Optimiser Reduction Chart

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