Half-hourly electricity meters

What is half hourly electricity?

Inaccurately high energy bills are usually a result of incorrect metering. Businesses with a higher demand for electricity usually opt for a more specialised way – such as a half hourly meter.

Half hourly electricity meters are designed to record the details about a business’s electricity usage every 30 minutes, relaying the information to the supplier in real time.
As a result, suppliers can accurately measure your energy usage and avoid incorrect billing.

And this type of metering still allows you to tailor to your energy contracts to fit the exact needs and budget of your business, meaning you can opt for complete budget certainty, with set half hourly meter charges, or take a larger risk on your energy costs by allowing a supplier to pass charges through to them through a variable rate.

How do I know if I have half hourly electricity?

The simplest way to find out is by looking at one of your recent electricity bills. If your supply number (S number) begins with ‘00’ this means you’ve got a half hourly meter.

Do you need half hourly electricity meters?

If your peak electricity demand is 100Kilo Volt Amperes (KVA) or higher, three times or more a year, a half-hourly meter installation is recommended.

What does your half hourly data meter readings mean for Voltage Optimisation?

We use your half hourly meter consumption data to understand your maximum demand and therefore understand how your business uses the energy supply equipment. Knowing this we can work out the savings voltage optimisation can provide you.

This is a guaranteed result of 8-10% in energy savings.